A cleaner, clearer and safer pool.

Less chemicals and backwashing.

Improved swimmer experience.

Australian innovation.

Operates 24/7.

Save money, reduce backwashing and chemical usage and provide a fresher, natural feel for your pool that your bathers will love – with one simple addition.


  • Reduced chemical usage

    Approx. 25% reduction in chemicals (or even more), while improving bather safety and enjoyment. Less chemicals means significant cost savings and a more natural pool environment for bathers with softer water – with a more stable pH.

  • Less backwashing time

    Resulting in an annual saving approximately the volume held by your pool, or even greater. With water becoming an expensive commodity, it’s an obligation to reduce water usage as much as possible.

  • Improved water quality

    Bathers find the pool more enjoyable to swim in, with no more ‘red eyes’ or a dry feeling while bathing. With FilterControl, your bathers will enjoy a fresher, cleaner pool.

  • Fights waterborne bacteria and viruses

    FilterControl’s unique treatment system inhibits biofilm growth, minimising bacterial and virus outbreaks – including Cryptosporidium and Pseudomonas Aeruginosa.

  • Improves and protects existing plant

    Improves your existing filtration media, lower your dosage requirements and reduce workload on existing plant equipment – reducing stress and extending equipment life.

  • A simple addition, suitable for every filter and pool

    From small hotel pools to large aquatic centres, FilterControl works on pools of any size, with any filter configuration.

Installed right next to your existing filtration system. No additional equipment required.


FilterControl consists of two main components, a Control Unit and Activators. The activator is installed over existing pipework, prior to the filtration and disinfectant systems (pictured) within your plant room. No part of the system touches the water. It’s easily installed onto your existing plant and requires minimal space.

Once installed by one of our technicians, FilterControl uses powerful, scientifically endorsed sweeping sound technology to inhibit biofilm growth within your entire filtration system – providing a safer, cleaning pool that requires less chemicals to maintain.

FilterControl - final
FilterControl’s powerful sweeping sound technology inhibits biofilm growth within your pool filtration system. Biofilm acts as a glue within your filtration media and pipework, providing a breeding ground for bacteria and reducing the efficiency of your filter system. Left unchecked, this biofilm allows bacterial to grow and spread exponentially. Scientifically tested by Griffith University in Queensland, FilterControl is a preventative measure – proven to inhibit this growth, which results in a reduction in chemical usage, backwashing time and a cleaner, safer pool for your bathers.

“The recirculating biofilm studies have demonstrated reductions in FilterControl treated biofilms.”

Estimated annual savings: 

25% less chlorine.

1x the pool's volume of water, saved with quicker backwashing.

Proven to combat outbreaks, including Cryptosporidium.

FilterControl’s unique treatment technology is able to rupture the Cryptosporidium oocyst as it passes through the filtration system, rendering the vast majority of the live parasites ineffective. It’s a proven way to minimise outbreaks at your pool and provide a safer environment for bathers.

wet n wild

“The benefits of the system showed increased water clarity, chemical savings with less backwashing, resulting in reduced water consumption."

sea world

“The water quality has improved notably”... 25% chlorine reduction. ‘The engineering department is very satisfied...and happy to recommend”.

mercure resort GC

“We have been very impressed with the dramatic improvement of the overall quality and ‘sparkle’ of the pool water”.

brisbane grammar school

“Reduced chlorine usage | Reduced combined chlorine levels | Improved water clarity | Reduced backwashing”.

How quickly will I benefit after installation? 

1week for improvement in swimmer experience.

1month to notice chlorine reduction, on a comparable preceding month.

2nd backwash will be significantly cleaner.